Jürgen Bauer

*Schwaz, lives in Vienna

In his work Jürgen Bauer explores the boundary between real and virtual space. How much are we affected by the digital world and how does it affect our behavior in the real world? What does it mean for our perception – how will it change in the future? In this field of tension, Bauer develops his conceptual paintings and installations. His latest work is about the manipulation of perception. Bauer arranges large areas of color in such a way that they can be seen both spatially and horizontally. One could summarize Bauer’s artistic approach quite well with the question “What is real?”

Born in Schwaz, Tyrol, artist, graphic artist and musician Jürgen Bauer (*1969) is ArtDirector of dmcgroup Vienna and co-founder of the design collective Automat. He lives and works in Vienna.

Selected Exhibitions:
>> MAK Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna,
>> Dutch Electronic Art Festival, Rotterdam,
>> OSME Gallery, Vienna,
>> Instant-edition/modulart Gallery, Vienna,
>> Parallel Vienna 2017,
>> Schreygasse Project Space, Vienna,
>> ORF Kunstraum Radio, Vienna, Stadtgalerie Schwaz


At the 2018 Biennial:

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