17.03.2018 Performance

God’s Entertainment

Black Market

07:30 >> 12:30
at Markthalle Innsbruck

Which ideology has the strongest demand today? In the socio-critical marketplace of religious beliefs and world views, past and present ideologies are tested for
their practicality and market value. According to the brokers of God’s Entertainment, the market as a gathering place for potential constituents serves as the terrain ‘wherein the material existence of ideologies is dictated by market lingo’. Black Market strives to serve as a platform for discourse and critique. In this sense, supply becomes a political choice and the decision to buy a subject-position. When sectarianism is the special offer of the week and pseudoscience is cheaper by the kilo, a stance should be taken. What’s on the menu today? Does radical Islam have a bitter taste? Are the people of Innsbruck still caught in their regional cuisine? On the Black market of radical democracy, customers are given a chance to broaden their sense of taste and savour new ideologies. ‘Although National Socialism stinks like rotten fish, its newest version, conserved in a can of tuna, sells like hotcakes.’


‘You shall not have any other gods before me.’ Black Market has something for everyone. Whether it’s 250g of “Fair Trade Fascism” for €1.00, 150g of “dried Feminism” for €2.20, or 100g of “seedless Buddhism” for €1.20, that’s for everyone to decide for themselves. The street vendors guarantee: all goods are fresh!

Generously supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna


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