Chosil Kil_U, Sic (c) Innsbruck International-WEST.Fotostudio

10 >> 25.03.2018 Public Space

Chosil Kil

Entire Day
at Old town / Innbrücke / Universitätsbrücke / Mühlauer Brücke

Two on each bridge, six flags are posted on three bridges in Innsbruck. Placed opposite, two flags are in communication with one another. Their conversations seems to be not entirely in tune, yet the eagerness to assimilate is apparent. The playful friction of the texts meets right in the middle of the bridges.


Laid by females of many different species, eggs have been an essential ingredient of numerous recipes for thousands of years. Scattered around the city centre of Innsbruck, the other six flags plainly tell six different types of egg dishes. Some classic and the others less typical, the eggy breakfast emphasizes the start of a day and the beginning of life.


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