17.03.2018 Theatre

Elfriede Jelinek

Sabine Mitterecker

SCHATTEN (Eurydike sagt)

at Salzlager Hall

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Orpheus, the great singer of Greek mythology, and Eurydice are the epitome of a loving couple. After Eurydice is killed by a venomous snakebite, Orpheus penetrates the depths of Hades to bring her back. When he looks around for her, she disappears irretrievably into the realm of death – he remains in mourning among the living. As to the myth, we encounter him again and again in the operas by Monteverdi and Offenbach and in the literary works of Vergil, Ovid, and Rilke.

But what if Eurydice doesn’t want to go back? What if she refuses and, like clothes that are ‘so-last-season’, decides to discard the structures of feminine identity that can only be derived from someone else’s desiring gaze? Male fantasies of redemption would thereby be robbed of their charm and the shadows of Hades emptied of terror. There would remain the joy of not having to be looked at any more. Elfriede Jelinek approaches the myth of Orpheus from behind. In SCHATTEN (Eurydike sagt), she plays with the possibility of an impossible point of view in which the object of desire finally finds her voice.

With: Sarah Melis, Christina Scherrer, Alexandra Sommerfeld
Director: Sabine Mitterecker

Sound: Wolfgang Musil
Dramaturgy: Uwe Mattheiß
Stage design: Notker Schweikhardt, Amélie Haas

Produced by THEATER.punkt | Sabine Mitterecker | 2016
Performing rights: Rowohlt Theater Verlag, Reinbek bei Hamburg.


Leichtfüßig und spannend … Thomas Trenkler / Kurier



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