22 >> 24.03.2018 Performance

God’s Entertainment

Neue Europäische Tragödie - Teil 3 / Wir haben keine Zeit für das Theaterstück, aber dafür habt ihr Sicherheit

20:00 >> 21:30
at Kellergewölbe Schloss Büchsenhausen

Since the year 2000, a new European tragedy has seen more than 33,700 registered migrants and asylum seekers perish on their way to the European continent. Europe as a by-stander to this tragic count and the fears of European citizens have been deliberated in Parts One and Two of the N E T (New European Tragedy) trilogy. The third part, which was conceived for Innsbruck, continues the artistic expedition, with God’s Entertainment broaching a new chapter: Security and Hope.

‘What is security? Is it the mere absence of fear and migration, or doesn’t it rather call for participation in democratic decisions and policy governance beyond the nation-state? Are these rights secured or can they be taken away? Part Three of the New European Tragedy portrays current developments from a pragmatic and artistic point of view. In particular, we take into consideration the pressing domestic security situation and resulting insecurity of the Austrian population. While one possible outcome would lead to right-wing populist propaganda and the formation of protective bunkers free from foreigners, another would be the improvement of civil society’s code of obedience, which must be decoded and regenerated.

Following the logic of assertion, which allows us to include both fiction and reality in our artistic endeavours, the people of Innsbruck in need of security can enjoy Western comfort in a vaulted bunker, while outside the fight for security is raging and being transmitted via live-stream.

Generously supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna.

Special thanks to WAMS and Ho&Ruck.


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