09.03.2018 Opening

Chosil Kil

Magic Island

Ashida Park

OPENING Innsbruck International. Biennial of the Arts

at Biennial centre

Awarding: INNSBRUCK INTERNATIONAL Special Recognition Award
Performance: CHOSIL KIL
Live in concert: MAGIC ISLAND


Magic Island
Beware: Musician Magic Island is addictive. Her compositions transport the listener into a different dimension, somewhere between R&B, mainstream, and experimental pop. On her own or with her choir The Angels, this Canadian casts a spell on her viewers with her characteristic style of dance.


Ashida Park In 2016, the vision of inclusive and experimental club music led Antonia XM and Amblio to create a platform for likeminded producers and visual artists, called Ashida Park. With their label, they intend to establish an arena for intimacy and excess and to merge influences from a variety of bass music sub-genres with ambient and noise compositions.

Text: Christian Glatz

Special thanks to Christian Neururer GmbH.


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