13.03.2018 Performance

Stephanie Cumming

Redneck to Cyborg: a shared transformation. 2.0

at BRUX/ Freies Theater

Redneck to Cyborg: a shared transformation. 2.0 is the updated version of a lecture performance commissioned by Tanzquartier Wien in 2009 in which the Vienna based Canadian performer and artist Stephanie Cumming looks on her own autobiography against the backdrop of social changes in a humorous way. From growing up in Northern Alberta, geographically and culturally isolated by the Canadian woods, to becoming the creative collaborator of Austrian choreographer Chris Haring, with whom she co-founded the Austrian dance company Liquid Loft in 2003 and still continues to work, Cumming examines her own transformation within that relationship. How do the boundaries of authorship dissolve in their joint work? And how, in turn, has this led Cumming on multiple different creative and personal trajectories, including working in film and recently becoming a mother? Redneck to Cyborg: a shared transformation. 2.0 offers a very personal glimpse into Cumming’s body of work over her nearly 20 year career.


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